This page is a brief description of Bay Scientific's products for the HPLC user. If you need an automated, computerized HPLC Gradient System, we can custom design one tailored to meet your needs from scratch or we can build one using your existing pumps. If you already have HPLC Systems in your laboratory and just need replacement parts (lamps, seals, pistons, check valves, tubing, fittings), we can keep you HPLC running at peak performance.


Bay Scientific can supply a full range of pumps for solvent delivery. We offer several different models to serve many purposes: a simple, low cost
pump for simple, dedicated applications; a basic, workhorse pump for isocratic operation; and a sophisticated pump that can control other devices without a PC. Our pumping systems can span the flow rate range from Microbore, analytical or Semipreparative flows of 0-50 ml/min with 2 pump heads. For true Preparative flow rate ranges, we offer a motorized pump and a pneumatic pump. Both can reach flow rates of 1000 ml/min with 4 optional pump heads. All our pumps are small in size but big on features.

Our Detectors are as versatile as our pumping systems. We can provide you with a low cost, palm sized fixed wavelength detector for simple analysis at 254 NM. Also, we have a general, all purpose variable wavelength detector in a compact design with some attractive features. And we have a dual wavelength detector for more sophisticated requirements. The dual wavelength can monitor four wavelengths simultaneously through PC software. All of these detectors have many, many optional flow cells (over 20 models) for many types of Analytical, Microbore or Prep work. When there is no UV chromaphore in your compound of interest, then check out our Refractive Index detector. And for certain analytes (anions, cations, metals, organic acids and surfactants), we have a conductivity detector.

We strongly advocate the use of an online degasser. Online degassing will improve pump and detector performance markedly. And it gets rid of helium gas cylinders from cluttering lab space. It eliminates the extra steps (vacuum degassing, sonication or boiling) to degas your solvents before running samples. On line degassing is easier, safer and more efficient than helium sparging.

When the workload increases and samples multiply, it is time to replace the simple manual injector with an autosampler. We offer three different kinds for 3 budgets and for 3 types of uses: positive displacement for simple, repetitive injections where samples volumes are fixed and sample amounts are not limited; Syringe driven variable volume autosampler for more versatile methods where sample volume will change; Another syringe driven variable volume autosampler with ZERO carryover. This autosampler can handle problematic samples and has standard software for sophisticated sample procedures like dilution and derivatization. If all you need is a simple, manual injector, we can provide one for you as well.

When the Chromatograph is used to quantitate samples, especially with an autosampler, then it is necessary to use Chromatography Software with a Personal Computer. We have simple software with just a few screens (you never get lost) for quantitation of HPLC Methods. We also have more sophisticated software using Windows to customize the software to fit individual needs. All software packages have pump control as an option and several of these packages will support 2 or 3 Chromatographs from one Personal Computer. Through this pump control option, we can take your existing pumps (Waters, Shimadzu, Beckman and many others) and build a "Humpty Dumpty" HPLC system. We can supply all the missing pieces (tubing, fittings, mixer, cables) and build a gradient HPLC System from isocratic pumps and a retired personal computer.

We feature the Velocity® Columns from Optimize Technologies. They come in 3 different column diameters and 4 different column lengths. Like Tinker Toys, you can build your own column using filters and precolumns as needed. With a cartridge architecture for Velocity, it is a simple matter to have spare cartridges, filters and precolumns on hand, for the moment when you must run a sample and your column has "died." Velocity columns can also be custom packed with your own packing material. In the near future, we will also feature other columns in this section as well.
Replacement Parts

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography is a demanding technique. Some parts will wear out in time and must be replaced. When those parts wear out, your HPLC system is down and you cannot do your work. We stock a variety of Deuterium and Xenon lamps for a variety of vendors' products. We also stock pump seals and pump pistons for various pumps. And we feature the OPTI-MAX® Check Valves for many kinds of pumps. OPTI-MAX Check Valve Cartridges work well and the same cartridge can be used in different pumps, saving time and money and limiting the need to stock more spares. Space limitations prevent a complete list of all parts, so if you do not see your pump or lamp listed, please contact us. We probably have the part you need including Mercury Lamps. For a catalog of tubing, fittings, adapters, filters, etc.), please contact us and request an Optimize Catalog.
Technical Support

If we sell it, we support it. Perhaps, it is only a fitting or a piece of tubing. We will assist you. If your HPLC System requires an upgrade to a different detector or software, we will assist you even if you did not purchase the original products from us. We believe in long term relationships with our suppliers and our customers. We can call upon our suppliers for technical backup when a problem arises that we cannot resolve quickly. If for any reason, you do not like a product, we will take it back without any hassle. For some quick help, please check out LC Hints and About Lamps. And of course, if you still need help, please contact us.