Simplify your HPLC Life - Degas Online
  • Works with all HPLC pumps
  • Compact
  • Digital Display of Vacuum
  • Easy to do
  • Efficient
  • Improves HPLC performance
This is the most convenient, easiest method of degassing. No Helium Tanks. No external vacuum pumps or filtering apparatus. It is all done on line on demand. A display shows the actual vacuum generated. The internal vacuum pump will cycle on and off as needed. A real "no brainer" convenience.

How it works

As mobile phase solvents pass through the degasser tubing, dissolved gases in the solvent will diffuse through the pores of the tubing into one of four encased vacuum chambers. The gases will then be swept away by the vacuum. The LCD panel on the degasser will indicate the actual chamber vacuum in Pascals. Please see the diagram showing how bubbles cross the tubing membrane and are removed inside the vacuum chamber.

The degasser will improve the performance of all pumps and all detectors. And the degasser will stabilize baselines for electrochemical detectors, fluorescence detectors, and refractive index detectors. A preparative unit is also available.