About Bay Scientific

At Bay Scientific, customer service is not a slogan but a compulsion. Customer service is the guiding principle by which we have stayed in business
for many, many years.

We only sell products that work well at a reasonable price. And we support those products long after the sale. Our satisfied customers refer new customers to us for HPLC purchases and advice.

How do we guarantee customer satisfaction?

  • We will try to understand what our customer wants from the HPLC system.
  • We will ask what HPLC products are currently in the laboratory.
  • We will ask what capability you need today and in the future.
  • If you need an HPLC fitting, we have it.
  • If you need an replacement lamp, we have it.
  • If you need a better detector, we have it.
  • If you need data handling, we have it.
  • If you need an automated HPLC System, we have it.
  • If we do not have what you need, we will tell you upfront
  • If we know of a product that meets your requirements, we will refer you to that source.
  • We will try to use your existing equipment to build on if possible.
  • We will guide you well after any HPLC purchase, small or large.

We have been doing this consistently since 1985.

Bay Scientific is a distributor of HPLC products. We do not manufacture anything. Our suppliers must "sell" their products to us first. They must be quality products with good features and reliability at a reasonable cost. Or we will not sell them. Our suppliers must also support their products with upgrades and service long after the initial sale or we will not sell those products anymore. Happily, we have had long term relationships with our suppliers. They share our total commitment to quality and service. All of our suppliers and Bay Scientific have experienced chemists who have worked with various HPLC equipment in industrial laboratories.

While Bay Scientific is a small company, many large companies and large Universities have chosen to purchase from us. Here is a partial list.

Chiron Corporation
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, UCLA
University of California, San Francisco
Incyte Pharmaceuticals
Dow Chemical
Roche Bioscience
Collagen Corporation
Cohesion Technologies
PET Net Pharmaceuticals
And many more......